Probiotics for a Healthier You

Do you sometimes feel a little sluggish during the day, as though your digestive system is not functioning as well as it could? If so, you will probably find that taking probiotics will bring some of your old vitality back into your life. Although this idea may seem relatively new to you, the Romans, in fact, ate fermented cabbage and Indians regularly drink lassi which have similar effects. The word itself comes from a combination of ancient Greek and Roman, meaning ‘for life’.

Because around 80% of our immune system is in our gut, this starts to make sense. Your stomach is, in effect, the engine room which processes food and gives you life. With trillions of bacteria working at any time in your gut, it is important to make sure that the balance of good and bad bacteria is correct. To do this, a good colon cleansing regime can be of great benefit. Because our diet increasingly includes many over processed foods, it is hard to get a sufficient natural intake by this method. Because of this, it is helpful to take supplements to increase the number of good bacteria in our gut.

One of the most popular methods of increasing your intake of probiotics and improving the bacterial ratio in your gut is a product known as Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleansing. This has proved an effective colon cleansing method for many people who have then reported significant improvement in their health. Amongst the many improvements seen have been a cessation of diarrhoea and related symptoms as well as reduction in bloating of the stomach and gas. As too many bad bacteria in the gut, and not enough good, can lead to inflammation and oversensitivity, many people find that they cannot longer tolerate certain foods. By using a probiotic, the inflammation will subside and food tolerance will improve, allowing you to eat the foods that you enjoy, rather than just the ones which don’t upset your stomach.

What exactly are Probiotics?

Although some people think of them as supplements, in the same way that they would vitamins, they are actually live bacteria. These good bacteria help to control the bad bacteria in our gut, helping to reduce food intolerance and to digest our food better. With an improved digestion, the increase in nutrition taken into our body will result in a better nourished body and this will be reflected in outward signs such as the health of our skin (eczema has been known to show significant improvement), as well as inwardly, such as increased vitality. There is also increasing evidence that Crohn’s disease as well as irritable bowel syndrome can be greatly improved by taking them on a regular basis.

One desirable result of taking a probiotic is that of weight loss. Many people report a healthy reduction in their weight, which, along with their increase in vitality, helps to restore confidence as well as making them feel good about themselves.

Because the liver acts as a secondary defence mechanism for those toxins that are not controlled in your colon, you will find, after taking them for a while, that probiotics improve the health of your liver too.

So, rather than go for the somewhat invasive irrigation method, why not try a simple colon cleansing solution such as the Digestive Science Intensive method and bring some health and vitality back into your life.

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